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November 14

Special Spiritual Update


November 8, 2012

New York City Is still Reeling From Sandy

From New York City hundreds of thousands still without water, heat and sufficient supplies. Here in SoHo (NYC) it was an experience to experience this horrendous situation. The fire men (women), EMS, POLICE, and NYC government, NYS and the Feds as well as all those that came to the aid of New York City did and continue to do a terrific heroic job in getting the city back-up and running. Consolidated Edison, Phone Companies, Banks, Supermarkets and just about everyone from A to Z didn’t panic but stood-up and worked as a team. It was an incredible sight to see this first hand and be part of this. On the first night of the storm at about 8PM all the lights and most of the energy south of East 34th street went dark and South of West 29th Street went dark.  At the exact time this happened I was talking with my daughter by cell phone. She was looking out the window and describing how the East River was flooding onto First Avenue as in rapidly rose and surged.  Suddenly she said “Oh my God” as she saw a spark of light and then entire darkness. A few moments later the cell phones went dead. The following day when we spoke we realized that the light flash  was from the 4 Consolidated Edison Power Plants on the East Side that had been compromised (shut-down) from the rapidly rising water.

Thought my windows were going to blow out and one was partially blown out of the frame but none of the pains shattered. It was an interesting battle I found myself engaged in with me trying to push the window back into the slots and as soon as the wind gusted it would blow back into the window gate. Fortunately I have an approved  window fire gate that prevented the  lower window pane from crashing to the floor. Finally I was able to place three jumbo bounty towels between the open space between the upper and lower windows. They fit perfectly in the open space and after adding a few tweaks I closed the gate and then the kitchen door which minimized the cold. However with no heat, hot water or power the recent stocked-up refrigerator food  had to be trashed.

Finally on the 6th day at about 4:20 AM the lights turned on and the heat began. Later I was finally able to wash-up with warm / hot water as opposed to the cold water. Believe it or not the cold water after awhile becomes not so cold. My body craved to be washed during the storm and the after-math so the ice cold water that was at first uncomfortable became comfortable. Amazing how quickly one can adapt to change.

For my family and myself I consider this a practice drill to the coming storms that will be as certain as day following night and night following day. Prayer has been and especially during this time was a great comfort. Writing about comfort the bed comforter helped to minimize the cold. The dry food and non-perishable goods, etc helped.


Wealth Building Update

Realigned the portfolios and went with just one precious metals stock San Gold Corporation. If you have no idea about stocks or who Charles Dow and Jones were IMHO you would  do best to stay out and just let it be. Most people buy high and sell low because they don’t do their homework / research. They are unable to follow the dance nor the steps to wealth building. They seem to always be on the wrong side of the road.

For those that can dance and like charts check out San Gold from Canada (SGR:TO) and USA- Pink Sheets – SGRCF.  The news wires are going hot with this stock. Here are a few recent news releases.





Please remember this is just my opinion and I am sharing with you what I did. This doesn’t mean that you should do that. Please remember that I am not a financial adviser or anything I write should be taken as professional advice. You need to speak with a licensed professional and please remember to do your own diligent research on any stock, investment, etc. If I end-up with John Q and Mrs. Q Public on the bread line you don’t want to be in the Gulag with me … do you?

Implosion of Bonds 2015. Best to be prepared by preparing now.


Cut all debts, have a source of income and continue to build wealth.

Albert Einstein most people are not including myself. But if you cut your debts (eat out less, trash the TV, watch the pennies and use the credit / debit card less, etc) your income immediately increases. Try it you just might like it.

Nutrition / Health

Try to focus on your health.  Forks Over Knives:


Seems that this tile means if you eat healthy food you have a better chance of not needing as much surgery as you age. Also those that suffer ERD will see the implications of nutrition regarding heart and stoke conditions. The most amazing fact is that regardless of one’s age one might be able to reverse some of the health issues one faces. This movie is GOLD and you are urged to take some time to treat yourself  … it just might add some additional years to your life.

Stay healthy and try to return to your House of Worship. There you are better able to free yourself without all the home distractions and continue to develop a deeper relationship with the Father of Mercies.




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